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"CREAM OF CABBAGE SOUP WITH SMOKED DOGS" made using my Ninja Pulse.  It makes it so easy to make dishes like this that is loaded with phyto-nutrients that help me with cellular rejuvenation.  Food is medicine.  Taking this kind of medicine has helped me get off hundreds of pharmaceutical meds.
Soups on folks.I like to think of my food as medicine. I enjoy eating food so much more when it is loaded with nutrition. Why?  Because food is medicine when using wholesome unprocessed foods with herbs.  You get lots of micro phyto-nutrients.  Phyto-nutrients are found in plant foods like cabbage and chili peppers.  Cabbage and chili peppers rank high on the phyto-nutrient list.  It is necessary for cellular rejuvenation, aka cellular reconstruction.  To me, cellular rejuvenation is all that I need to hear.  Here is a creamy cabbage soup with smoked hot dogs,  It is easy to make. very healthy and so comforting to eat. This recipe serves four and costs no more than $2.00 to make. By the way, it absolutely delicious! Now with the weather cooling down, hearty soups are the perfect solution to warm up with on a cool day. So with that, no more talk. Lets get down to business and cook.

Okay, okay, before I continue, I will give credit where credit is due.   What made this recipe so quick was I used my Ninja Pulse.  It chopped my onion, and cabbage  together in just a few pulses.  I just love my Ninja.  I could have spent 5 minutes chopping the cabbage and onions.  But I didn't.  I could have shed tears while chopping the onion.  But I didn't.  It washes so well as long as you wash it right away.  Yup, I'm a happy camper.  So happy, I just had to share.


Lot's of Micro Phyto-nutrients here.
  • Cabbage 1/2 head chopped small
  • Onion 1 large chopped small
  • Smoked hot dogs 4-6 sliced into 1 inch pieces
  • Water 1 1/2-2  cups. (Approximately more or less, adding more till desired thickness is obtained.)\
  • Vinegar 1-2 tablespoons  (you decide)
  • Milk 1/2 cup cold (more if you want a white sauce)
  • Cornstarch 1 tablespoon
  • Red chili pepper. 3 pods
  • Parsley flakes 1 tablespoon
  • Salt and pepper to taste or bullion cubes
  • Pan large saute 
  • Butter 1/8 cup (can use oil)

Add smoked hot dogs after you slightly
caramelized the veggies.

  • In a large pan add butter or oil, heat on med-high.
  • Add chopped vegetables and chili peppers and sauté till slightly caramelized or tender.
  • Add vinegar, salt and pepper
  • Add 1/2 of the water and hot dogs
  • Mix cold milk with cornstarch slowly adding to vegetable mixture, keep stirring.
  • Add any additional water till you reached your desired thickness.  Stir
  • simmer for 5 minutes 
  • sprinkle with parsley or chopped chives.
  • serve hot and enjoy

Cream of cabbage soup with smoked hot dogs served in
my favorite cookware.  Temptations.  I really like cooking
and presenting my dishes in them.  They wash so well.
Nothing ever sticks.  Ever:)
Well here you have it.  So easy, so quick, so cheap, and so nutrition.  Best of all, it is so delicious.  Your family would think you took hours to make.  It's another "poor mans food" that is really not poor at all.

Please share if you like it and if it was helpful please click the box on the right.  Again, thank you for allowing me to be of service.  Till the next time...Many Blessings.


Mary Helen

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