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I want to dedicate all my recipes that have to do with bread, to all the folks who stand in bread lines.  I promised I would give you some recipes using all that bread you are given. I know you have to work with what you have, and you have to work quick because the bread has expired and wont last long.   I am a woman of my word, so this is for you.  God bless you wherever you are.

This is not your regular ham and cheese sandwich.  In the past I always found ways to get as much vegetables in my family as possible.  When my kids were younger, eating vegetables was not their choice food.  But what they didn't know, was I always stuffed veggies in everything.  That way  we were all happy campers when it came to dinner time.  Well, my kids are all grown up now.  However, my son a college student, lives alone, and does not cook at all.   He ends up eating a lot of fast food junk with his busy schedule.  He loves my cooking, and today he can now appreciate any veggies I serve him.  I admit he comes by often to get a home cooked meal.  Lucky him.  I wish I had a place where I could drop by and get a home cooked meal right?  I love him coming by anyway so I try to make sure he is fed well.  Sometimes I am unaware that he is coming, and I quickly put something together.  Here is my version of my fast food... Grilled Ham and Cheese Stuffed With Vegetables.  Healthy, but fast, cheap and easy.  1/2 of this flat bread is all that I used as it was wide and a foot long.  This will cost under $2.00 if the bread was given to you.  Even if you paid for the bread it's still a tasty recipe that serves 4, or two hungry men.

  • Flat bread  cut in 1/2   (You can adjust the recipe to use the whole loaf if you like.)
  • Mozzarella string cheese 1 stick (any white or cheddar will work)
  • Ham 2-4 slices  (I cut mine so the whole ham slices do not come out with one bite)
  • Pasta sauce 1/4 can (more or less.)
  • Water 1/4 cup
  • Medium Onion  1/4 diced  (Don't forget that this is medicine, so use as much as you want)
  • Tomato 1 diced (vitamin C and lycopene comes to mind)
  • Carrot 1 diced (Vitamin A)
  • Parsley 1/4 cup chopped  (I love this herb.  I'ts full of potassium, and can be used in a lot of recipes because it is so mild in taste.)
  • Oregano a pinch crushed between fingers(Goes great with tomatoes and is loaded with micro-nutrients.)
  • Garlic 1 clove minced  (Natural antibiotic.)
  • Olive oil 3 tablespoons, plus just enough to drizzle on bread both sides.  (Any oil will work but olive is a better choice for this recipe.)
Instructions for sauce:
  • Dice all vegetables small.  Lucky me, I was able to use my nifty Ninja Mega Kitchen System with 1500W.  It diced all my veggies at the same time in 3, one second pulses.  The more I use it, the more I like it.  Anyway.  
  • Put all diced vegetables and two tablespoons olive oil in a pan and saute till they are tender.  This shouldn't take long because you diced them small right? 
  • Add pasta sauce and water.
  • Simmer till it is a thick sauce.
Putting the sandwich together:
  • Slice flat bread in half to make a sandwich
  • Drizzle both sides with olive oil.
  • Heat large pan on medium and toast sides of bread that has drizzled oil.
  • Flip over and carefully spoon sauce over both sides, leaving one side with less sauce.
  • Add cheese and diced ham on side with less sauce, and toast for one minute.
  • With a large spatula, flip one side over the top to complete the sandwich.  
  • Continue to toast till cheese is melted.
  • Remove from pan and wait a couple of minutes before you cut this.
  • Eat hot so the bread does not get soggy.
  • Voila, dinner is ready
  • Enjoy:)

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Mary Helen

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