Friday, September 23, 2016

Roasting Organic Green Coffee beans In My Popcorn Maker

Folgers sell their dark roast for about $10.00 for 1.5 pounds.  They boast that it serves 210 cups of coffee.  Well, I'm boasting that this 5 pound bag of Peruvian Amazonian raw organic green coffee cost me $21.00 shipped to my door.  That's approximately a little over 700 cups per bag.  Folks it costs
ONLY 3 cents per cup...and that's a deal!

These beans were roasted using my old 1200W popcorn maker.  The beans on the right were popped before the second crack.  You can see they are light in color.  The beans on the left popped until after the second crack.  I stopped because I was smelling a strong espresso smell and started to smoke.  I literally burnt the beans.  lol.  I am going for the lighter roast because in my research, I found out the darker the coffee, the less nutrients it has. That includes anti-oxidants, and caffeine.  It gets burned off and destroys most of the natural oil content.  Too bad because most folks like me like a dark roast.

This coffee came from 33 ton coffee online.  The price was right, and if you can read the label. it is a delicious cup of naturally sweet coffee.  They co-op with the local farmers from the Peruvian Amazon Rain Forest so the farmers can sustain themselves.


Using my Mega Ninja I ground almost 1/2 cup roasted coffee beans in 4 short pulses.  What you hear in the video besides my fire alarm  was the second  crack.  To fully hear it you have to see the end of the video.  Note: Wait two days for the beans to cure,  That's when it really smells and tastes the like gourmet coffee.  At this point it smells like burnt coffee/nut.  Store in an airtight container.

I write this post because gourmet coffee is not cheap outside of home.  However, it costs just cents per cup literally speaking for this raw organic green coffee beans if you shop online.  Best of all, when roasted lightly you  get as much phyto-nutrients as a serving of blueberries.  Furthermore, you get 4x the nutrients if you eat them lightly roasted.  I plan on making a house blend by mixing green (raw), light, medium and dark roasts together so I can have nutrition and taste.

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Mary Helen
Now the brew...ahhh

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mary Helen's Test Kitchen: Healtyhy Raw Organic Green Coffee Easy As 123

Mary Helen's Test Kitchen: Healtyhy Raw Organic Green Coffee Easy As 123: Now this is real ORGANIC GREEN COFFEE From the Amazon Rainforest.  Smells like wheatgrass brewed but, tastes like green tea.  One cup has...

Healtyhy Raw Organic Green Coffee Easy As 123

Now this is real ORGANIC GREEN COFFEE From the Amazon Rainforest.  Smells like wheatgrass brewed but, tastes like green tea.  One cup has almost the same smount of anti-oxidants as blueberries.
I bought this Raw Organic Green Coffee which tastes really good roasted but also superior as an healthy alternative to regular coffee.  It is loaded with phyto-nutrients, and anti-oxidants+_+  and that's why I drink this delicious brew. 

Unlike coffee it does not give me a jolt like some folks claim.  It is quite soothingly refreshing.  It goes well with cinnamon or cardamom.
Raw Organic Green Peruvian Coffee Beans I purchased online from .  It's a beautiful dark forest green reminding me of the Amazon Rain forest from which it came
I ground the coffee beans in the Vita Mix for one minute, and this is what I got.
Note:  Raw green Coffee Beans are extremely hard.  I used my reliable heavy duty Vita Mix for this job.  I ground on high (without heat) for one minute straight.  I stopped because the Vita Mix did heat up. And I noticed the grinds were starting to turn light yellow...a sign of pre roasting. 

After grinding I soaked the beans about three tablespoons in one quart cold water overnight.  I brought this to a rapid boil and lowered the heat to simmer for one hour.  That's about it folks.

I hope I can be of service to someone who also enjoys the healthy simple pleasures of life.  Till then, many blessings!

Mary Helen