Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Thanks to my Ninja,  I was able to have this Potato Cheese Soup on the table in less 8 minutes without any effort.  That means more vegetables, fiber, and nutrition.  Sweet:)
I can't believe how easy it was to prepare this Creamy Potato Cheese Soup now that I have my Ninja.  It makes it so  easy to literally throw something together.  Just like I threw these veggies in the Ninja to make my soup "instant".  My vegetable intake for my family has increased 10 fold if not more daily.  The containers wash so nicely.  It makes me want to use all those vegetables I bought and said I was going to use. Right?  I'm not alone here I know:)

1.  Put vegetables and meat in the blender.  I didn't add the
smoked sausage in this pic, but I will in the future.
Sad to say sometimes I have to throw some fruits and vegetables away because it goes bad.  My intentions were to use all those fruits and vegetables I had bought at the beginning of the week. However, time goes by, I am either too tired to prepare them as I had initially planned, or just plain too busy.   Now I able to use all my fruits and veggies I buy because my Ninja Mega Kitchen System does all the hard work.  Those fruits and veggies get pureed, chopped, or added to bread dough, sauces, etc.  They get used, and we get the nutritional benefits.  Anyway, enough chit chat, and lets do what I do best...cook and share:)

2.  Pulse 3 times
  • Potato 1 med/large cut in 1/2
  • Celery 1 stalk cut in pieces
  • Onion medium 1/4
  • Garlic 1 clove
  • Parsley or cilantro a few sprigs
  • 1/4 cup grated cheese (white or yellow mellow)
  • Smoked dogs 2 (Can use any meat like bacon, chicken, or none at all)
  • Milk 1/2 cup
  • Cornstarch 1 tablespoon
  • Chicken boullioun (I used Knorr)
  • Enough water to cover veggies.

Instructions will be tutored via photos:)

3.  Saute in a pan for about 2 minutes

4.  Add water to cover food.
Add chicken boullioun
Mix cold milk with cornstarch and add slowly to soup
Cook for about 4-5 minutes till tender.
Top with cheese and parsley or cilantro, and serve.

Voila, here you have it...Instant Potato Cheese Soup, made with my nifty Ninja.  Gosh,
the more I use it, it more I like it.
One more comfort food for you to enjoy during this cold winter.  I got so caught up with telling you how nifty my Ninja was, I forgot to mention that this Potato Cheese Soup is not only easy to make with or without the Ninja.  It's a great comfort food, that can be served alone as is, or with a sandwich.  Yum.  It is fresh, has no preservatives, and is loaded with nutrition and fiber.  Did I mention how cheap this dish is if it is homemade.  

Well I hope you like this easy dish made with my Ninja.  Now,my job is done.  Time for an easy clean up:).  I love one pot dishes, so convenient.  Till then, Many Blessings:)


Mary Helen

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