Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I picked up quite a bit of beautiful bosc pears Saturday morning.  I love to can for food storage, but I also wanted some of these pears in raw form.  I know I can't eat that many pears before they go bad.  So I'm going to ferment these for it's probiotic effects. I'm trying to get healthier, and every bit of  raw probiotics helps.  Remember, FOOD IS MEDICINE.

I made this recipe on Saturday evening. Today is now day 3, and it has been sitting in a warm corner to ferment since then.  Yummy  I get to "Reap what I sowed" now.  Well, it looks good.  It still is sweet, yet tangy. It smells very mouth watering, and tastes even better.  You can still taste all the pieces of prunes as well.  Even though it is raw, the hard grated pears have softened quite a bit, but not mushy.  I can just imagine all the juices in harmony, because I can already taste it.  I'm planning on letting it ferment another couple of days though because I like real tangy food, or at least in some of my ferments.  So I'd say this is coming right along.  By the way, This Pear Relish/ like salsa goes great with chips, or crackers.  But for me I would have added (and I'm going to in a minute) a lot more cayenne chili.  Ok, here goes...

Preheat oven...just kidding.  Just checking to see if anyone is reading this.  lol.

12  Pears, washed, dried, and grated
1   onion large (I used green top and bottom)  Chopped small
1   tomato diced small
1   lemon large, just the juice
1   tbsp Ginger grated
1/2 cup Prunes large, pitted and chopped
1   tbsp Salt
1   tbsp Parsley, fresh or dried
1   tbsp Cayenne red pepper  Fresh crushed or powdered. Note, can use jalapeno or serrano.
1/4 cup  Kombucha vinegar, but any will do.
1/4 cup water

I put the grated pears in a bowl and let it air till slightly browned.  It happens quite fast.  Start adding the ingredients as you chop, or dice them.  The fruit will release a lot of it's own juices by now. I saved the kombucha vinegar for last and used that liquid to top the relish once I put it in sterile jars, and cover with a non metal lid in a warm place for 3-5 days.  Then refrigerate after  It will continue to ferment in the refrigerator but at a slower rate.  No worries, it will only get better.  Can last a long time safely, but it's so good it probably won't last that long.  At least not in my home.  My family loves it.  If they only knew how healthy it is.  Lol.  Shhh don't tell them.

By the way, I rendered 70 oz of my Spicy-Fermented Pear Relish.
All this would have cost a bundle purchasing this elsewhere.
Thank God.  Waste not, want not is my motto.
Peace, and many blessings...
Mary Helen.
P.S.  Just a quick update...
Yes I said 3 to 5 days.  But just to let you know, it's best fermenting for 10 days out before putting it in the refrigerator.  It's really fermented and it's bubbles keep popping up.  It's so tasty besides good as in healthy probiotics too.  Their both good, you try it and decide for yourself!  I had extra jars fermenting, so I did try it:))

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