Friday, April 27, 2012


About 3-4 weeks ago I sliced into shreds 2 small heads cabbage one purple and one regular.  I put them in a bowl covering with water.  I added 1/4 cup salt.  Let sit for 2 hours, then rinse to wash out most of the salt.  Pack tightly into 2 quart size jars, leaving 3 inches on top.  This will expand.  You then want to add vinegar (I used kombucha vinegar) about one inch over the cabbage. I inserted a smaller jar within the jar to keep it down in the liquid.  I covered it with a napkin and a rubber band to hold it in place.  Set this in another container as it will most likely expel some of it's juices during the fermenting stage. It will start to smell bad.  But hey it's cabbage.  This is normal.  So is the white crud that will grow on top.  When done you just discard.the top.  Cover with a non metal top and put the rest in the refrigerator and enjoy this wonderful Probiotic food.  The taste is so good.  It has a very tangy flavor.  It is still quite crisp and pretty.  Oh yes and it is also very inexpensive.
Do not mistake this Raw Probiotic live Sauerkraut for the store bought sauerkraut.  There is no comparison. The store bought kraut is dead.  It's been cooked in distilled vinegar, and salt.  Sad because they took a healthy vegetable and made it actually harmful.  Here this living food is still raw and alive and highly nutrition.  It is loaded with vitamins and minerals and has the anti cancer fighting chemicals... PHYTO-NUTRIENTS. I let time take over and today,and now it is a PROBIOTIC food as well.  I prepared this so easy right?  Slice, salt and water and time. 
Probiotic food has been known to ward off hangover's if eaten beforehand.  It also wards of cancer and diabetes.

I have been a diabetic for over 10 years now.  I am glad to say, today I am a survivor of diabetes, and all that goes with it.  Since I've been using healthy naturally made probiotic foods about one year now,  my diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol has long gone. So has any arthritic pain. Thank God.  I just got tired of being sick and tired, and not being able to plan my day. I decided to take control, because I realized, we do have free agency and we do get to choose what goes in our body. So far I've been able to keep the 40 lbs that I unintentionally lost in the process too.  That's just another plus for me.

Today I can eat what I want, of course in moderation without fear.  I have not had to check my sugar, call 911 and best of all I get to have a life now free of any medication.   Today, FOOD IS MY MEDICINE.
Anyway, I thank God, and I am grateful.
Try it and have fun in your kitchen. 
Enjoy your well being with food.
Let us get well together.
Many blessings
Mary Helen

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