Saturday, April 28, 2012


Hi everyone yes Kombucha has arrived to Mary Helen's Test Kitchen, here in Hollywood.  My goal is to share this wonderful Probiotic elixer with my family, friends, and neighbors. All with the hopes of sparking an interest in probiotics as alternative to medicine.  I'm not saying stop taking your medicine by all means no. Just start by adding this to your diet little by little.  See what happens after you use it for a while.  Ask yourself.  Do you really feel better? Stronger? Pain free?   Although I have been brewing kombucha a few months, I consider myself knowledgeable enough to share with you my findings as I've done a lot of research and a lot of brews and experiments.  I always have a variety of kombucha's brewing at one time.  My SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) are all happy campers and love their, ginger, hibiscus, dandilions, and apple juice, etc. Their is no end.

My SCOBY arrived in a quart size jar and was the same diameter of the jar, just as described.  Earlier I had purchased a six gallon plastic beverage container. which I washed and rinsed well, then a double rinse with vinegar. I also had my green tea brewed and sweetened.  My SCOBY was in it's new home. I put this in a warm spot undisturbed and in 5 days I had my first gallon of kombucha.  Now because of the diameter of my 6 gallon container the diameter is larger.  This means my SCOBY is larger too.  As it takes up the diameter  Note: The plastic containers must read #1 or #2.  This number can be found at the bottom of the plastic container inside a triangle.  Also note that the kombucha does not have time to leach anything from the plastic because it is removed within a few days and it is not yet as acetic.  However, kombucha does turns into vinegar quickly, so I would recommend once it has fermented, store it in glass containers with plastic lids just to be safe.  By the time it vinegars it is known as a powerhouse of nutrition.  The cultured probiotics  multiplies as each hour passes.  A glass first thing in the morning is an excellent way to really wake up and start your day.  It wakes up every nerve in your body for sure with its tangy, slight vinegar taste alone. I like to add a very strong dose of cayenne pepper and garlic to my breakfast Kombucha drink.  Not to mention the fact you are feeding your body's cells live food.  This is cellular nutrition and rejuventation!  I started  drinking one half cup 3 times a day.  After a few days,  I went to drinking one cup 3-4 times a day.  I also drink Water Kifer and Milk Kifer.  I have a variety of probiotics going through my body all day long.  How do I feel after almost one year of probiotics?

Well, first of all I used to take about 200 pills a month.  And I still felt sick.  I was always watching my fat, and was on some sort of diabetic diet. Yet  I looked and felt very sick and quite toxic.  I even had my own power=chair equipted with a oxygen tank holder.  Yeah they pimped my ride alright.  LOL.  I had given up on life, felt hopelessly despaired, and doomed to die.  I was diabetic, I had high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.  It created neuropathy, which meant my legs gave out a lot. This was only naming a few of the illnesses.  I got bigger and bigger.  It seemed like I was losing the battle quite rapidly.  I also forgot to mention that I was born with essential tremors, which mine were severe.  They progress with age, and at this time I was in constant seizure mode.  I could no longer feed myself with a fork, for fear of stabbing my face.  Yup, ouch.  Their were a lot of things I could no longer do, like cook or hold a knife or brush my teeth.  Everything was 100 times harder.  But I had no other choice but to continue one day at a time.   My own body had become a hazard to my health.

My life changed when I  pursued the God I knew.  I won a lottery to my beautiful apartment in Hollywood.  It was a chain of events for the positive. I had two brain surgeries by a wonderful neurosurgeon at Cedars Sinai .  His name is Dr. Adam Mamelak if anyone is interested.  Today among many other things  I am temporarily tremor free.  Today I am able to write..hahaha.  Look ma I'm writing, and I'm walking too.:))

I came here in a wheel chair almost 2 years ago. and today I am medication free!  All my blood tests came out very good.  My A1C sugar is less than 6.  No sign of diabetes, or anything else.  Besides my breathing.  I am walking all over town...sometimes running to catch a bus or to get to an event on time. My energy level has increased so much, I lost 40 lbs.  My brain feels so "let's go find out".  My body says, let's get busy.  There are not enough hours in the day to do all that I do.  So I do a lot in my 18 hour no more nap days.  So my answer is yes I do feel better drinking my homemade kombucha, and milk and water kifers.  A LOT BETTER!  Thank Godl
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