Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hi, I made Oat Milk earlier, and it looked like milk, so I did substitute cows milk with Oat Milk and made the creamiest kifer ever.  Yummy for my tummy kifer!  Another wonderful  probiotic drink. I will readily admit the most tasty too. My kifer grains danced around in this so they also loved the change. I added my milk Kifer grains to 2 cups of room temperature Oatmilk for 18 hours and let time do the rest.  So easy.  The taste and texture was similar to a soft plain yogurt.

Just like yogurt, the longer you let it set the more tart it becomes.  The more tart it becomes means the culture is a lot healthier and is growing rapidly.   I am quite happy with something a little more tart than, lets say Yoplait brand. No wait. It was more like a rich creamy buttermilk. Yes that's more like it. Look at the jar. Just like buttermilk culture right?  It was refreshing just like buttermilk too.  It's so good that I am already culturing my next batch of Oat Milk Kifer.

So who said you can't get healthy on a low budget?  Guess what?  I drank it all for dinner.  It was my dinner and it was filling as well.  What more can I ask for.  lol.  So in the long run buying my Milk Kifer Grains has been a very healthy investment.  I have used my Milk Kifer Grains with Cows Milk with great success.  I like milk but I can't drink it because I am lactose intolerant.  Kifer changes the lactose to lactate making cultured Kifer Milk easy to digest without discomfort. I have also used my Milk Kifer Grains with Soy Milk and it was hmm okay, drinkable.  But I haven't made it again.  Actions speak louder than words right?  I've also made Almond Milk Kifer and I don't lie.  It was not to my liking at all. But I must be fair.  I was not ready for that taste at all.  So I should never say never.  But this one.  Yes, in my books a winner:)

I hope you enjoyed this.
Many blessings.
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