Friday, February 17, 2012

Sprouting - Mung Beans

Mung Beans have a lot of nutrition. It has protein and calcium, and minerals like iron and potassium, and zinc, just to name a few. But once it is sprouted the whole chemistry of this little bean changes, and it become "A-LIVE" food. Our body loves live food as it is alive itself. We are constantly replacing dead cells every second. If you feed it dead food well you do feed it some nutrition, but eventually it will not be able to continue to flourish. Eventually they breaks down and can no longer perform as required. I'm not saying don't eat dead food. What I am stating is that is would be to your benefit to add more food that is alive to your diet.

This tiny little bean once sprouted also has a lot more of the "green nutrition" if left by a sunny window. similar to any leafy green edible like spinach or alfalfa. It is loaded with phyto-chemicals which are a power house of fuel for our body. Remember that one word. Phyto. Phyto means something that is Plant. And Phyto-chemicals. Easy, it = the chemicals that the plant has naturally. Phyto-nutrition = basically the same as chemicals, just easier to know nutrition then the chemical itself. Hopefully I didn't confuse you. It's all good.

I know when I eat foods high in Phyto-nutrition, I don't crave other snacks. I feel more satisfied in the long run because I feel more satiated (full) with just a cup of sprouts. Also, I have so much more energy because I fed my cells food they crave. I notice I have a feeling of wellness and find I can endure longer days. I sleep less, move more, therefore I burn more calories. Not a bad food right? Right.

Once sprouted, it becomes an instant snack food. You can put in in your salad, or you can make some soup and put it in right before you serve. Yummy. It's great in a quick stir fry. Also, I like to make sprouted fruit water with the sprouts. Did I say it's great in bread when its sprouted by the second day. So many ways to eat your sprouts. You can soak them to an almost sprouting point, season, then pop them in the oven to bake them, and eat them like nuts You can put them in beef patties or vegetarian in patties. Yes, so many ways to eat your sprouts.

So of course I am losing weight. I eat more foods, lower in calories, but higher in nutrition. You add that, plus the fact that I have more energy. Well i'm just burning those calories away. Hey, I'm not perfect so I do like my "dead food" too (sad). So for me it's all about moderation. It's progress not perfection. I have days that are really good, when i'm really good. And there are days when I eat a little too much "dead food", I feel like I just want to be a couch potato. I get to choose. I do not buy chips, sodas, cakes, candy, of any sort for almost a year now. I'm not saying I never indulge. I just don't cater to it in my home. There are other alternatives. Again I get to choose and so do you. Research it yourself. If you have any recipes or additional ideas please feel free to add to this or respond. Looking forward to a life of quality.

Note:  The above picture reflects the Mung beans soaked for one day, and has one day of sprouting.  It is edible as is, however I prefer them with a little longer tail, which will happen by day 3.

Below is a link re: Mung Beans- Sprout. Also I included some phrases you can use to search for more info.
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