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I just realized I titled this canning black beans while in fact you can can any beans using the same method.  Silly me.  Well yesterday I put my black beans to soak for 24 hours.

 Why soak beans?
  1. It will boost the nutritional value up 20%. And that is a lot more protein, calcium and minerals by just soaking.
  2. You get rid of some of the indigestible complex sugars that cause gas.
  3. It also allows for quicker cooking. We do know that quicker cooking equals less nutritional loss right? Good.:)
Usually I soak my beans to a almost a sprouting level which takes anywhere from 24-48 hours. You do have to rinse the beans with fresh water at least 3-4 times a day.

Why can my beans? They are so cheap. Why?
  1. Cooking beans properly takes at least 24 hours, so it saves a lot of prep time.
  2. It's a lot cheaper than buying canned beans.
  3. A good source of instant protein
  4. It's energy efficient
  5. It's healthy fast food
Note:  Make sure all jars lids and rims are clean and sterile to avoid any bacterial growth.
I have my lids simmering till ready for use.

  • Filled jar 3/4 full with beans. Topped with bean broth leaving one in head-space (follow your canner's instructions)
  • Remove any air bubbles around the edges.
  • Wipe rims clean with a damp not wet towel.  (Very important)
  • Fill canner 3-4 inches water simmering, adding 1 tbsp vinegar to prevent jar from getting cloudy
  • Cover jars with hot lids, and seal tightly by hand only.
  • I used 12 ounce jars so I am pressure canning for 70 minutes on high.
  • Once the safety lock has released, remove jars with proper utensils and put on towel. Be careful not to burn yourself.
  • Now anytime soon if not already you should hear that all time favorite canners sound... Pop!  That's the sign of a good seal.

Note: the picture below is a sign of a properly sealed jar.  See the indentation in the middle?  Good.:)

Note:  The picture below if you look carefully the middle of the lid has a round bump.  It hasn't sealed yet.  But it will.  However if you still see that bump once it has cooled.  Something went wrong.  It is best to refrigerate the goods and use it as soon as possible
Well for 2 lbs of beans which cost me a couple of dollars I got 9, 12 ounce jars of canned black beans.  8 jars fit in the canner and I froze the other one.  You can do that with canning jars IF you leave head space.   Otherwise it would burst.  I also got  another 16 oz of cooked black beans that I didn't can and is ready to use any way I wan't.  
I'm thinking tortilla soup for one.
Folks I hope this helps any then i'm a happy camper...
Peace and happy canning.:))
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