Friday, February 10, 2012

Quick APPLE CIDER VINEGAR using bakers yeast

Im back!! Bwa hahahaa. Just kidding, had to add some humor to life right? And since i've been brewing, and fermenting, I felt compelled to say bwa hahahaha:) Only because I feel bewitched. Just kidding folks. Stop me now please:))

The good news is I made my first batch of RAW ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. The bad news, well there isn't any! The other good news is it didn't take months like the other recipes I researched. You know me by now, I can't stay true to a recipe without tweeking it for health right? Good. So the difference as to why mine came out wonderfully smelling, and tasting just like the way it should in less time?
I used bakers yeast and waste matter from the apples. Huh? you heard me. Save the apple part for pie or apple sauce. Actually I pureed and canned mine. Yes I did and so can you. Remember my motto, "waste not, want not":)

Using bakers yeast. that alone took off 5 weeks of wait time. I opted for bakers yeast because it is readily available to anyone at most local stores. Note: another way to speed up the process is to find someone who makes vinegar and have them give/buy a piece of their "mother" to share. I couldn't find anyone. And I have a friend who has an apple orchard in her family too. I ought to tell her about the health benefits of Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

I also decided to use the apple's waste matter only. Again, using waste matter instead of the juice took off another 4 weeks. This consisted of peels, cores, stems from 4 sweet washed apples, not sour. Make sure they are sweet as they have more sugar and that is what the yeast needs to feed off of
  • I blender CHOPPED IT into small pieces and the air browned it perfectly which is what you want.
  • I put this in a squeeky clean canning jar, and added about 4 cups water. Leave plenty of airspace on top just in case of overflow.
  • cover with a clean paper towel and wrap a rubber band or string around it. This will help to eliminate any dust, or bugs.
  • I put  mine near a sunny window in a brown paper bag to ferment.  Works just fine.
  • you can stir it once daily (I jiggle mine slightly for a couple seconds)
  • When you see a white film covering over the top, stop stirring and let it ferment This is your "mother", take very good care of her and she will take care of you by producing good brew a lot quicker.
  • Keep the liquid at the same level by adding distilled or purified water when needed. Try to not disturb "mother".
  • By the 3rd week it smells like its starting to vinegar. (no more rotten apple smell)
  • Week 4, I can't take this smell. It needs to be bottled, because it has me salivating:). But by the looks of it, i'm not quite ready to give it a taste test.
  • Week 5, I't smells good, and I just took a taste (only because of the smell) and it's ready. Now look whos smiling now.:)))

Note:  I also canned the apple puree lemonade I made using the 4 small apples.  I rendered 40 oz of tangy apple puree ready to drink as is. (I will blog this next)
It's very tasty.

Use your better judgement. You ought to know what vinegar looks and smells like. If you see, green, black, or white fungus. Don't you dare try it. Throw it out. I had to throw my first batch out 10 years ago. It was green, moldy, black and fuzzy! And I kept growing it because I couldn't find any pics, so I didn't know. And I had no internet to go to like today. Thankfully, I used my better judgement and, t'was so disgusting I threw it out. Ha! and it took me this long for my second attempt. Darn! Oh, well, better late than never.

This is a probiotic product and has potassium, pectin, malic acid, calcium, ash, acetic acid. But wait thats not all. Google it, learn for yourself. Friend if you can't afford to buy it, then make take it. I cannot tell you enough all the health benefits from drinking RAW ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. They do not sell this in your local markets. Not even Trader Joe's. Sad for me because it's downstairs. I searched online for it and was going to order it and pay triple to have them ship it.  Trader Joes does sell organic apple cider vinegar but it's now raw.  Raw has all the nutrients we are looking for and that's why we do this.  If it's not raw, might as well drink white distilled vinegar for that matter.  Yucky cause it has no life once it has been heat processed.  (distilled).
Anyway, I thought to myself, if I make it, I could then share.
And that's part of what i'm about:)
Many blessings, and joy.
Mary Helen

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