Monday, February 20, 2012

Canning Weiners.

Well I had this pack of wieners that I decided to can as well. So very easy folks:)
Chop your wieners to fit jars. I used bite size pieces. I ended up with less than one whole weiner that couldn't fit in the 4 jars.    Lucky me.:) it was my lunch.

Make sure you keep your lids in hot water till ready for use.
Fill Jar leaving a little more than 1 inch head-space.  
Wipe rims clean with a barely damp towel.  I filled 4 jars holding 4 oz. I sealed the jars and pressure  canned them on high for 60 minutes.  I canned them with my meatloaf.   They look pretty good.:)  And these 4 oz jars are perfect for a quick serve pick me up protein.  You can take it with you for lunch too.
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