Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Does anyone "eat" the steeped green tea leaves? - General ChowhoundingTopics - Chowhound

Does anyone "eat" the steeped green tea leaves? - General Chowhounding Topics - Chowhound

I do all the time. I call it my "instant greens". I make a casserole cooking...

  • 1 cup rice with about  4 Tbsp.  dried green tea.
  •  I add a little coconut milk in the water to equal 2 cups liquid. I then
  •  add, 5 spiced tofu  (optional, but you can add chicken or beef) .
  • Add sesame seeds (optional, but it pumps up the nutritional content) 
  • soy sauce to taste, a few dashes. 
  • one tsp sugar or sweetener, just to bring out the flavors.
  • 1 tbsp oil, I used sesame 
 I first bring the liquid to a boil, add all the ingredients and cook this in a one pot casserole for 15 minutes covered on low.  I do use Gen Mai Cha as it is my favorite for cooking this dish because of the sweet flavors the roasted rice gives. Its quick, easy, healthy, and a cheap way to get your greens. And you don't even feel like you are eating veggies. Which is great if you are not a veggie lover, or you don't have any greens on hand. One more thing. It's absolutely delicious!! Sometimes I even make patties and you can deep fry these babies too, for a variety. So yes you can eat green tea leaves. Most of my herbs I use for cooking are made from leaves. Right? right.  You can also add other veggies like peas, edename etc., chicken, whatever you want.    My herbalist told me to drink/eat lots of green tea to detox my body from all its impurities. This is just one way to eat your Greens.
I hope you have fun exploring the wonderful ways to add simple healthy ingredients to your simple recipes.  Your turn.  Have fun.

NOTE:  This not my prettiest casserole today, but it's health and tasty
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