Monday, February 20, 2012

Canning Meatloaf

I thought while I was canning chicken. I might as well can Turkey Meatloaf, since I got a really good deal on 3 packages. With the store sale, and with my double coupon, I basically got 3 packages of lean ground turkey weighing in 1 lb, 3 oz. for the price of one.  This one package rendered me...
one, 1/2 pint = 8 oz. and 8, individual servings at 4 oz. each.  So here goes.

A simple recipe...
ground meat (I used turkey today)
chopped vegetable 1/2 c. I used mixed bell peppers.
1 egg
1/3 c oatmeal, crackers, cornflakes or breadcrumbs. Pick one only or combine, but about 1/3 cup total for each pound of ground meat.  Whatever you have on hand. It's all good.
1 large squirt of catsup, or tomato sauce/paste.
Add your spices. plus salt and pepper.  I added garlic, onions, and cayenne red pepper! Oh yes!! You go ahead and use your spices.
Add all ingredients and mix well. Fill Jars (must be clean) below the rim with the ground meat.  Push the meat down leaving no air bubbles with a spoon.  put the lids on...
Make sure you have the lids simmering till you are ready to use seal the jar.

This is what it looks like cooled.  It shrank a bit making it easier  to slip out of the jar.

This is how I served it.:_
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