Monday, October 3, 2011

Got Milk?? Non Dairy Milks

There are so many non dairy milks that can be made quite easily such as  almond, rice, and soy milk.  These milks are easily digested, and are loaded with PROTEIN, CALCIUM, OMEGA'S, VITAMINS, MINERALS, AMINO ACIDS and FIBER.  Not to mention the healthy oils, your body craves.  Perfect way to give your brain, fuel, and building blocks for your body, cells, etc. Not to mention Healthy Oils, to cleanse, heal and strengthen your inners as well as your outers. These nutrients satisfy your body in feeling full, somewhat satiated.  Good stuff folks.  And it can stay on the shelf until you make the milk. Never be without milk again.  Great on cereals too.  I will say this... "if you have never had HOME MADE MILKS before, well u just don't know what you are missing.  Kind of like home grown veggies vs mass produced veggies.   BIG BIG BIG difference in taste, as opposed to cartons stacked on a shelf for how long??  Talk about cartons stacked on the shelves...get a look at their prices.  Your choice, make it yourself for pennies a day or pay the man:)
Got Milk???

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