Sunday, October 9, 2011


Ghee, also known as clarified butter is one of my favorite oils I use daily.  .  Ghee is made from unsalted real dairy butter. All the milk solids are removed from the butter by the process of slow cooking then strained. In Ayurvedic medicine it is recommended to drink/eat two teaspoons of ghee daily for optimum health.  One of my favorite ways to use ghee it is a base for herbal extractions.  Ghee helps extract oil based nutrient's including micro-nutrients that normally cannot be extracted with water.  It extracts the plants natural chemicals like,  phytochemicals (a anti-immune suppressant and cancer fighting agent).   Because ghee has an abundant amount of nutritional value, our body recognizes ghee as a necessary ingredient to our body and greets it with "gusto".  Meaning, our skin readily absorbs and assimilates the ghee and any medicinal properties from the herbs.  Ghee hardens at cool temperatures, and becomes an oil at a room temperature of approximately 78 degrees.  Ghee is great for cooking.  Vegetables are always better stir fried in butter. Right?   Okay, now that we know that ghee is a great base for herbal medicine let me mention some of its nutritional benefits.

Did you know that ghee is 86% vitamin A and D.  Vitamin A also known as "Vitamin A Retinol"  and contains beta caratene.  It is needed by the retina of the eye.  It also functions as a irreversible oxidized form "retinoic acid.  Folks this is an important hormone like growth factor for 4 basic types of skin tissue.
  • animal tissue (our skin)
  • connective tissue
  • muscle tissue
  • nervous tissue
These skin layers not only protect our whole body, and its organs, it controls our thermal temperature, such as sweating, and absorption.  Our skin is the largest organ in our body. These epitherial cells are nourished by the foods we eat.  And because we eat differently is why some of us age faster than others.  So it's true when they say, you are what you eat.  I apply herbed ghee to my face and body daily.  I call it  my herbed edible body butter.  I make sure I ingest it in food some way or another or I take as is. I cannot even begin to touch the "ice berg" so to speak because there is such an abundant about of useful information regarding GHEE and its medicinal benefits. Well folks, you have to find out for yourself, as I did.

Funny though, how I found out about the healing properties of GHEE, a total accident, as I was investigating mink oils (a touch of mink, etc) and their cosmetic benefits. I was just about to click on purchase, when I thought, "do I really want to put mink oil on my face"?  For some reason a chilling thought came across me and I thought of that poor mink that I was asking for it to be killed for my cosmetic benefit.  Yuck.

Well in continuing my research looking for similar chemical compositons, to keep it short I found it in butter.  As a matter of fact I use GHEE in all my cooking as well as my natural organic cosmetics.  Truly it does absorb and is easily assimilated.  I have felt and noticed a tremendous difference on on my skin.  It feels cleaner, and for my age has a glow.  And i'm not talking grease.  lol!  Now that I am mentioning grease is my  face has always been EXTREMELY oily (get the picture).  I was always avoiding most creams because of the greasy look and waxy feeling I would get after 15 minutes of wearing it.  And adding GHEE on my face was never on my agenda.  But I reluctantly applied it to my clean face. Wow, in less then 2 minutes my face had absorbed all and any oil.  All that was left was a softer, smoother me cleaner me..  Again considering my age at 63 all I can say is "WOW THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS". No more store bought chemicals for me. So now I make my own organic body  butters, ointments, and cosmetics.  Yes, I found when it is massaged on your skin,  your skin feels and looks so much more youthful.

So folks get your unsalted butter out, clarify it and use it.  However being that it is a good fat, you might want to remove another fat hopefully an unhealthy fat from your diet.  Fat is fat and you dont want to over do it.  Just be wise and use a good fat  that will benefit you and not add pounds of unhealthy fats.
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