Thursday, September 6, 2012


Mozzarella cheese made with gt Kombucha, nonfat powder milk,
your favorite oil, and a microwave.  All done in less than
30 minutes
Why make mozzarella cheese from nonfat powdered milk?  For one you have total control of the kind of oil being put in your body.  Remember food is medicine.  The wrong fats can hurt our body by clogging our arteries, etc.  The good fats are healthy because they have a lot of nutrition that our body loves and readily absorbs.  Good oils also makes a great intestinal cleaner by helping move and dissolve any encrusted matter in our colon.   We need to keep our colon clean and healthy and oil is a good way to do this.  My cardiologist told me to have a tablespoon of  a healthy oil before each meal if I wanted to lose weight.  It was years before I took his advice.  He was right, I am slowly losing weight adding healthier oils to my diet.  Homemade mozzarella cheese is a great way to oblige.  Of course all in moderation right?

Mozzarella cheese is so easy to make and all it takes is a few ingredients that most kitchens might have on hand. NO RENNET TABLETS OR THERMOMETER NEEDED HERE! I prefer this nonfat powdered milk recipe because I get to control what goes in my body and I want to continue to remain diabetic free. With this recipe, I get to add the oil I choose to use.  If I am going for Italian flavor, I would use extra virgin olive oil.  If I am looking for a sandwich cheese flavor, I would add butter as my oil.  If I want cheese and crackers I think I would go with grapeseed oil.  You can use any oil. Peanut oil of course will give it a nutty flavor.They will all work fine.  Ready? Its so easy. Here it goes...

  • Warm water 3 cups
  • Nonfat powder milk 2 1/3 cups
  • Oil 1/2 cup of your favorite oil.
  • Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, 1 cup (I used my gt kombucha with a ph of 2.5 and worked fine)  Note any kind will work.
  • Sea Salt 1 teaspoon
  • Pot, stainless steel or glass greased well on the bottom and sides.
  • Bowl, microwave safe
  • Ice, two cups in two cups water for the cold set.
  • microwave oven

Mix warm water, oil with nonfat powder milk in blender.
Heat greased pot till it begins to smoke.
Add milk and stir  the bottom to avoid burning on the bottom.
Add vinegar and stir to mix and let sit for 10 minutes.

Next I added the vinegar.  REMOVE
let it sit covered  for 10 minutes.

The curds are floating
on top and have
separated most of
curds and whey.

Strain whey from the curds
Oops don't do this.  I was
multi-tasking lol.

Transfer curds to a
microwavable bowl.  Rinse
with warm water, being careful
not to lose the curds and they
will appear to liquify.  
Heat for 1 minute in the
microwave.  Drain whey,
and keep folding curds with a
utinsil because it is hot.  Add Salt
and or spices now.
Continue microwaving in increments of 30 seconds
 keeping it warm thus soft and workable,
draining whey each time.  and
folding over until it somewhat
has a pull and a shine to it.
About 3 times.

Once it is done and shiny like this one,
put in a bowl of ice water to set.  It's done.
Dry and store unused cheese in the
 refrigerator, and enjoy
It's still warm in the center but looks good
enough to eat.

As you can see it melts very well.  I topped my pita bread
with my melted mozzarella and my homemade
Chunky Tomato & Jalapeno Preserves.  Yum.

Well that's about it for now.  I truly hope you try this easy recipe.  Be creative in the kitchen, and at the same time $ave $$$.  Have fun, and be well.  Remember food is medicine.  Many blessing and thank you for letting me be of service.

Mary Helen
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