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Here is a lowfat caramel I make using only 2 1/2 tablespoons of butter.  Not bad since the regular caramel recipes uses over a cup of butter/margarine.  Yuck, margarine... artery clogging gunk in my opinion. I rarely buy store bought sweeets or candy because,  I have no control over the fats and sugars or the quality or preservatives used to be able for the sweet to remain on the stores shelves for long periods of time.  This recipes renders two cups of delicious dark caramel. Dark because I used dark brown organic sugar.  I plan on using 1/4 of this to  make oatmeal and almond rolls.  I add anything to make it healthier, yet delicious.  But that's another recipe.  lol.  You can use it as a sauce, dip apples, drizzle on cakes, cookies, ice cream, yogurt, or your favorite smoothie or iced coffee if you drink coffee.  It's so easy, and costs no more than $2.00 to make.  Here goes.

  • Sugar 2 cups  (I used dark brown organic but white will work and should give you a lighter color)
  • Water 1/2 cup
  • Powdered  Milk 1/2 cup (dairy or non dairy)
  • Butter 2-3 tablespoons
  • Salt 1 teaspoon
  • Stainless steel pot is preferred 
  • Flat bottom spoon better for stirring the bottom of the pan to avoid burning and or bad flavor.
  • Cold plate. store in refrigerator or freezer until ready to use
Brown sugar, powdered milk, water, butter
and vanilla.  Just add some love

First, I put the water to boil, then add all the ingredients and stir until it is all dissolved.  I put heat on medium low and let it low boil stirring  once until the water has evaporated.  It is not necessary to add the water but I do because it gives me time to prepare the other ingredients without constantly watching it the first few minutes or until the water has evaporated.

Add all ingredients. Stir until dissolved
on medium low heat for a low boil.
 Stir once the first 5 minutes

So at 10 minutes it has thickened up but I want to be able to work with it and want it thicker so I can  roll in other ingredients and make sweet healthier edibles.  It is now that you take the plate out of the refrigerator.  Drop a spoonful o the cold plate swirl it a bit to help it cool off. It should instantly cool and harden.  Draw a line through the middle with a spoon. You can see how thick it is. This is when you will decide to cook it more or stop.  Remember, the longer you cook it, the longer you have to stir.  I don't want to sound repetitive but I just want to emphasize to keep stirring.  lol.

It's almost done... keep stirring so the
 bottom does not build up and burn.
This is at 15 minutes.

This was 10 minutes at low boil.
(medium low heat).  Great for sauce.
I want it thicker, So another
10 minutes at same temperature
It all depends on how thick you want  your caramel.  The thicker, chewier, you want your caramel, the longer you would have to cook it.  Careful, use my 10, 20 minute pictures as a guideline if you like. Note the longer you cook it the longer you have to stir the bottom to avoid the bottom from burning.  

I stopped cooking my caramel after 20 minutes to my desired texture in the first top picture.  Make sure you store in a clean container, and put in the refrigerator. If I want to use it as a sauce you can reheat for 5 second increments in a microwave safe container to turn it back to a semi-liquid state, like to dip apples or cookies.  However it is just like I wanted.   

Well, one more time I hope you like my simple, delicious recipe.  So easy, and so affordable to make.  Why not treat your family and show them what you can do in the kitchen.  True they will think it took hours to make and would appreciate every bite.  But shhh, I'll never tell how easy it was.

I plan spooning it out cold and add crushed almonds and oats to make a breakfast bar.  Yum right?  In doing so means... less cholesterol, especially triglycerides.  Hey if we are going to cheat, might as well as make it good.  What are you going to do with your caramel sauce?  I plan on figuring out how to make this in a canning jar so I can store this in the pantry and not the refrigerator.  This would be a great food storage item.  That too is another blog.  

Please feel free to share.  Thanks for visiting and many blessings:)

Mary Helen

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