Monday, March 26, 2012


See the frost?
And the crinkley

Ready for storage or use

This is so easy, it reminds me of a shake and bake.   I'm dehydrating a 2 lb bag of frozen peas and carrots for food storage, and to save freezer space without using any expensive dehydrating equipment or electricity. Why dehydrate frozen veggies?  Because a frozen bag of veggies is already, washed, chopped, parboiled and ready for drying. That is a good enough reason for me and my food storage.

I poured them on a cookie sheet spreading them out making sure not to overlap.  I then put the oven to the lowest setting and baked this for 16 hours, turning them twice, on the coldest time of day.  Then, I let them sit by the warm window for another 16 hours to air dry.

Now they are ready for storage. This was about 4 cups frozen peas and carrots.  However dried to almost one cup. They can be stored in a jar with a tight lid, or a good ziplock, or mylar bag.
Store in a cool dry place.  Keep away from light and moisture till ready to use.

To rehydrate,   add one part boiling water to two parts dried veggies.  Cover and let sit for 15 minutes, before adding to your meals.  If I know I am going to use them I soak them for a couple of hours in the fridge,  I like to add them to my rice, soups, or casseroles like mac and cheese.

I do want to point out that there are tasty frozen veggies, and there are those frozen veggies that do not have much flavor.  You get to choose.  The tasty ones cost a little more than the cheaper variety but what a difference in flavor.  Kind of like home grown, and commercially grown, big difference right?  So you choose wisely.  After all you are the ones who are going to enjoy this at a later date.

Again, I saved electricity, freezer space, and money while I prepared for my food storage in an inexpensive way.  I also did not need an expensive dehydrator, or any other supplies. Nor do I need any electricity to store them either. Told you it was easy.

Enjoy and Many Blessings...
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