Wednesday, April 17, 2013


This goes great with some nuts crushed on it for a bit more protein.  One time I added a bit of whipped cream.  Chocolate
syrup would work too. Yes it
was good.
This was my lunch today. Protein and omega 3's with a fruit serving. Tastes so good, you'd think you we're doing something bad:). No need to explain how this is made, but you're in for a treat like dessert. Yes, it does curb that sugar tooth in a much healthier way. However, please consider a healthy peanut butter that has not been hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated. These are clogging and unhealthy oils. Too bad they taste good.

Slice this up and you are ready to eat.  My friend Shekinah who is a Hollywood makeup artist and a beautiful bikini model.  Well she does lot's of modeling, but looks great in anything.  Anyway, it's yummy for the tummy.  I thought I'd share.

Thanks for letting me be of service.  Till the next time stay safe, and many blessings.


Mary Helen
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