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Well last Wednesday I received my new Ninja Mega Kitchen System-BL770 series.  It has 1500w with 2hp.  Now that's a pretty powerful machine.  I really like what the previous Ninjas was capable of doing.  They were known to replace many small kitchen appliances because of the various attachments it came with.  Some models came with a hook to whip cream and egg whites. I wanted to know did it really work.  So I began my research online.  There is not much info available except for what the seller wanted you to know.  And that's why I am writing this review.  Everyone wants a Ninja once they see the infomercial.  But do they really perform once they take it home?  Who better to review it than a cook who can really put it to the test on a daily basis.  And that would be me.

 I already own an old Vita-Mix 5000 that runs perfectly well. It does make real smooth smoothies, ice cream, and hot soups. breaking down the hardest seeds and ice to a mere powder is so easy with the Vita-Mix. However, the cons for my Vita-Mix are...
It did make a nice clean dough in less than
one minute
  • the large container is somewhat inconvenient making single serve smoothies, or ice cream.
  • Does not have a dough hook
  • Can only chop food  into a mash like substance, or emulsify/liquify
  • does not fit under my kitchen cabinet counter because it is too tall with container on so it takes up double space.
Ok, so I've seen the infomercial on the Ninja Mega Kitchen System and I was truly impressed.  (By the way you can scroll through the first half of the video to bypass what we already know.) But, from past experience the product is usually never what I expected. However, I think I've already talked myself into purchasing this new Ninja Mega Kitchen System because I have it right.
Here's just one of the infomercials I've seen.

My original need was using it as a food processor as I process a lot of fruits and vegetables for my probiotic ferments, etc.  Whipping egg whites, and frosting is a necessity, as I love to bake for family and friends.   Being able to knead dough with the dough hook was just a big plus in my books.

My attempt at making blackberry ice cream
After 3 minutes of blending you can see
chards of ice.
After 5 minutes, it appears like it is starting to
melt.  I stopped because the ninja was getting
hot.  And  so was I.
I was so happy to receive it the day before Thanksgiving as I could surely put it to work.  Immediately, I was searching for the attachment that whips frosting like the other Ninja.  This one didn't have one.  I was getting ready to ship it back when I just got busy using it for smoothies. And processing potatoes, and bread stuffing.  I quartered 2 large potatoes and it diced it in two pulses.  I was amazed.  So I diced some apples, again 2 pulses.  I was loving it but in the back of my mind, I was still sending it back because it didn't have the whipping attachment.

My new ninja was not so ninja after all when it comes to
making ice cream.  Still very seedy and chards of ice.
I searched online again for any information regarding anything having to do with the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500w being able to whip egg whites, and cream to a whipped consistency.  I tried beating the eggs in the smaller containers. only to come out with watery foam.  I tried whipping in the bowl container.  And nothing.  Because this Ninja 1500w is the newest one out, there was not much info regarding what I needed.  However, after searching for two days I finally found out someone suggested using the actual blades to whip egg whites on another Ninja model, so I thought I'd try it with my model.  I found out I needed more eggs so it can reach the attachments.  At least 4 eggs.  I had used only 2 eggs.  Ok, so as soon as I get some more eggs I will put it to the test.  I will let you know later in the comments.
After several attempts at juicing one carrot
and one small apple.  This took 3 minutes
and still left 2 carrot stubs at one inch each. 

Pros/What I did put to the test was...
  • Whipped cold frosting, and whipping cream with the blade attachment.  It worked wonderfully.  So far, so good.  A+
  • Diced potatoes and apples with two pulses. A+
  • Made perfect pizza dough in less than one minute. A+
  • Made fruit smoothies.  Oh no not so smooth after one minute of pulsing. Still small chunks of ice, and fruit.  But I'm just spoiled with my Vita-Mix.  B+
  • Made a slushy ice cream.  Does not make ice cream.   C-
Finally after 5 minutes, It did puree the carrot
and apple.  I then put it through a strainer.
Glad to see it left no carrot chunks.
So far to date my new Ninja Mega Kitchen system 1500w takes care of all that I needed or wanted in a blender, food processor, dough maker, ice crusher.  I am happy to report that it takes care of all my Vita-Mix cons.  It does...
My carrot apple puree.  So it did work,
just not at fast as a "Ninja" says.
  • It makes single servings with the single serve containers
  • It does have a dough hook
  • It can chop food into larger portions with controls
  • Container does fit under the cabinet on my kitchen counter.  (But I have more attachments. Lol)
The cons  I have for the Ninja are...
  • The multiple blades are extremely sharp and need to be handled with care when washing or handling. 
  • Attachments have a big hole on the bottom where food can easily lodge.  Best to rinse out immediately with hot water after each use.  If not, good luck.
  • Containers seem fragile.  My bowl container cracked when it accidently fell off the counter, before I got to use it.  It still worked.   Don't recommend using any type of scouring pad.  Not even the light weight ones for fear of scratching plastic container.  Best to clean immediately after each use.
  • I was not as happy with the smoothie, and ice cream I made after 5 minutes of blending.  There is no comparison with the smooth textured smoothies and ice cream made in the Vita-Mix.  But it's do able.  I had put some pomegranate seeds with some other fruit.  I pulsed it for more than a minute and still not satisfied with the texture. The seeds remained whole.  I tried to strain it out but the pulp clogged the strainer.  So I ended up putting the mixture in my Vita-Mix so it can grind up the seed to a pulp.  
  • The single serving lids have a hole on top that does not close.  So you can't carry it in your purse or lunch bag.

Bottom line my Ninja Mega Kitchen System-BL770 series 1500w is definetely a keeper, as long as I have my Vita-Mix by it's side to do what the ninja can't do.  However, I can see me using this on a daily basis, as it is more than just a blender. It can make dough, chop, emulsify, and whip.  Yes!  It makes my work a lot easier.  It is so fast for some things, it only takes a few seconds to process some food.   However if you are purchasing it to make ice cream.  Well, your are better off with an ice cream maker. I enjoy cooking, but the tedious work I will leave to my Ninja, though, I will take the credit for all work done here.  Haha.  I think I just "hired" a new assistant in my kitchen, and at a fraction of what my Vita-Mix cost.  Folks, meet my Ninja. The Mega Kitchen System, my new assistant here at Mary Helen's Test Kitchen.  In addition, this Ninja will definitely help give me all the micro-nutrition I need to continue by journey into wellness.

I hope this review helps you in deciding to purchase your new Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 W.  I really think that if it works for me in my kitchen, it would work for you in your kitchen. And believe you me, I do a lot of food processing here at Mary Helen's Test Kitchen.  My goal is to get as much micro-nutrition from my fruits and vegetables as possible

Please note I have no affiliation with this company.  I am only being of service and sharing my personal opinion. I believe if I have something good to share...well I share.

That's it for now folks.  Have fun in your kitchen.   I wish you all many blessings during this beautiful Holiday Season.  In my books, Jesus is the reason for the season.

Mary Helen
By the way, the single serving tops do fit snug.
But why when there is a hole on top?  
You have to hold it upright to avoid spills.

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